Pidato Bahasa Inggris Singkat Tentang Kebersihan

kebersihanBerikut ini menghadirkan pidato singkat bahasa Inggris tentang kebersihan. Pidato bahasa inggris ini adalah pidato untuk pemula. Pidato ini terdiri atas 4 paragraf singkat dan sangat mudah dipelajari. Langsung saja kita simak pidatonya ya.


And Allah Loves those who keep themselves clean (Chapter: Attaubah, Verse: 108)

Why does Allah love the cleanliness? Why does Allah order us to keep ourselves clean? We must understand the question well. As we know that if we do not keep our cleanliness we will easily suffer from the illness. Because of the illness we will always complain.

Cleanliness neither means cleanliness of body nor clothing, but it is very necessary for our life, healthy and heart purification.

Therefore, the cleanliness is given a big attention by Allah. It is very necessary for our life, healthy and heart purification.

The cleanliness is the basic thing we must pay attention more to achieve the successful in our life in this world and hereafter. So let’s keep our body heart, mind, thought and intention clean.


Ok, itulah pidato bahasa inggris singkat tentang kebersihan yang bisa kami hadirkan. Sukses selalu ya!

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