Pidato Bahasa Inggris Tentang Keluarga

pidato bahasa inggris tentang keluargaBerikut ini menghadirkan contoh pidato bahasa Inggris yang berkaitan dengan keluarga. Pidato bahasa Inggris ini adalah Pidato bahasa Inggris yang dibawakan oleh Yuka Murakami pada acara Sendai Ikuei Gakuen speech contest yang diadakan tanggal 23 Oktober 2002. Yuka Murakami berhasil menjadi juara kedua dalam kontes pidato bahasa Inggris tersebut. Ok, langsung saja kita simak pidatonya:

My Second Family

“Hi! My name is Yuka Murakami. Nice to meet you!”

This is what I said when I,met my second family. Many people in the world don’t even have one whole family because of diseases or war. But, I’m lucky. I have two families. I have my real family here in Japan, but I also have an American family. How did I get the American Family? I went with sixteen students from my hometown, Naraha-machi, to our sister city, Euclid Ohio! And so each student stayed with a host family.

There are six people in my American family: a very large man Dad, a warm hearted woman Mom, a beautiful girl Katie, a funny girl Jessie, a tall and dear girl Mandy and a lovely boy Timmy. They were very kind to my partner Yu and me. Yu and I had a lot of happy times and now we have many memories of them. My best memory is the “Music Party” on the second night. The original idea came during dinner when we talked about what instruments we can play. Yu plays the French horn, I play the clarinet and we both play the piano and sing. So when we told this to them, they said, ” We have a piano and drums at my house! Please play for us!” We like playing the piano and singing, so of course we said okay. Yu and I were in the chorus club at school, so we sang “Haru Ni” and “Gloria” together. They were very glad. When Shad finished, they said, “Thank you very much! You are my amazing daughters!” I was delighted to hear that.

The final night we had a beach party. It is also one of my favorite memories. Everyone bonded by playing games like volleyball and keep-away. But, it was a more wonderful time for me than others, because I met some special people! They were Ms Tara,s sister, lather and mother! Ms. Tara was my English teacher and now my best friend, and meeting her family had been my wish before. So I had my wish granted! It was a rainy night, but I’ll never forget it!

Parting is always sad, and so was this time. The final day, we had the “Sayonara Party” to thank the people in Euclid. We Japanese students planned this party. In the party we danced Kasa-odori, and Bon-odori from Naraha, and I gave a speech. In my speech I told the host families, “Thank you everybody for everything! ” But t,he party became sad. We had to part with our host families and people in Euclid.

“You can stay here…no… You have to stay here forever!” My second family sometimes said. I replied, “Yes, of course! I’ll stay here forever!” But at last, I couldn’t say that, I had to leave Euclid. We cried so much. I held them again and again, and I said good-bye to them.

My American family taught me a lot of things about English, family, and American culture. We talked a lot,but( my English was not enough. They talked with gestures so I could understand This helped me to make up my mind to be a translator in the future. I want to communicate through English with people in many countries/ and learn a lot of things from them. I also want to help people understand each other better/because I know how important it is to communicate clearly.


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